The Mason Lions met Tuesday, January 19th for it’s weekly luncheon meeting. There were 36 members and 1 visitor in attendance.
Lion Ken Cordero told his fellow Lions that Lion Fritz Landers had called him to say that he had an accident with his pickup while towing a trailer yesterday & would miss today’s meeting. Fritz told Ken that he was o.k. but his truck was damaged. Lion Larry Spell reminded us to vote for the Mason Citizen of the year. Lion Pat Reardon asked for prayers for Lion Charles Pluennecke who is in the hospital with pneumonia.
Lion Mark Lehmberg was responsible for the program and introduced Bridget Langdale who spoke about the ecology of a dark sky. Mark gave a bio on Bridget and her many skills and accomplishments. Bridget stated that life depends on darkness just as it does on light. Bridget stated that light pollution has become a major problem in cities worldwide. She said that on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, Mason County is a 2.0 and the city of Mason is a 2.25.
Bridget said too much light disrupts the natural rhythm of life and causes health problems for all living creatures. Birds are most affected. There are 430 species of birds and all are attracted to light. Bridget said it’s estimated that between .5 and 1.0 billion birds perish every year due to light related problems. There are also increasing risks for humans such as obesity, sleep disorder, depression, and certain cancers. Bridget said humans need a minimum of 6+ hours of darkness.
Bridget also spoke about the need for light to reduce crime and increase safety. Floodlights work better when they have a cover or shield on top. The light is reflected downward and outward and there is little light wasted and light pollution of the dark sky is greatly reduced. The electrical energy measured in watts produces light measured in lumens and light shields greatly increase efficiency. Bridget said the ideal goal is that there would be no light above the horizon. This was a very interesting slide presentation.
The club’s next meeting will be held Tuesday, January 26th at noon at Nacho’s Café. The program chairman will be Mel McCallum.
The Mason Lions Club promotes sight conservation in our community. Anyone who has used eyeglasses to donate may give them to a Lions Club member or put them in collection boxes at the local bank. Also, if anyone needs financial assistance with eyeglasses, please speak to a local Lions Club member.
Affiliated with the Mason Lions Club Charitable Foundation, a 501 (c (3) non-profit organization.