A Call to All HSB Residents

YOU’RE INPUT – OUR FUTURE is the theme of the Long Range Planning survey now available on-line at the city web site at www.horseshoe-bay-tx.gov and in paper form.
The City’s Long Range Planning Committee is asking all residents to fill out a very short questionnaire concerning the future of HSB. Residents have the option to complete the survey on line by going to the City web site at www.horseshoe-bay-tx.gov or, pick up the paper form available at City Hall or Quail Point.
Both Mayor Jordan and City Manager Farmer are stressing how important it is that as many residents as possible express their opinions on the city’s future directions.
Mayor Jordan emphasized the need for getting residents’ opinions as guidance for city council actions today and into the future. He said “There are a number of issues that face the city and we need to know what our residents think should be addressed and which we should not be considering. It’s only from residents direct input via this survey we will know what direction to proceed on a number of important issues.”
The online survey will remain active until April 18 so residents are requested to fill it out and it only takes about three minutes to complete.

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