We’re about a week away from pickup day, the end of our disaster used clothing drive for this year.
Sometime next week, the Seventh-day Adventists’ semi will make its stop in Johnson City, gathering the used clothing donated for distribution to the survivors of disasters that haven’t happened yet.
The clothes collected here will be combined with those gathered by churches and other collectors across Central Texas, and taken to the Adventists’ processing center and warehouse in Alvarado, just south of Ft Worth. There, they will be sanitized, sorted, and packaged for storage until there’s a disaster needing used clothing, then they’ll load it all into a truck and have it waiting when the survivors come out of the shelter the next morning.
“The reason this drive makes so much sense is that the real need for used clothing only lasts a day or two,” explained Pastor Lee Romero of the First United Methodist Church, “so starting a collection after a disaster doesn’t work very well, and more often than not actually adds to the problem instead of helping it.”
So the Central Texas churches came up with the idea of conducting the disaster relief campaign before the disaster, so the clothes will be ready when they’re needed. The Adventists say it’s a big help to them, too, to be able to do their work when it’s not under crisis conditions.
“I think people in this area saw the need and the benefit when the clothing we donated came back to the communities along the Blanco River after last year’s floods,” added the Rev Ernest Topper of the First Christian Church.
“Our church has been involved from the first year, but this year we really saw a lot more interest and a lot more donations.”
Besides the Methodist and Christian churches, there are growing collections at First Baptist and Good Shepherd Catholic Churches, and the Community Church of the Hills, and at the Friends of the Library’s Re-Sale shop.
Wherever you drop off your donated clothing, it all will get to the right place.
Just hurry — the truck comes next week.

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