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Riley Mountain Lease

Dear Editor,Llano residents and businesses struggling with high utility bills should be aware their bills can soon go dramatically higher. The city council met in a special meeting February 23 and approved a groundwater lease on Riley Mountain. This meeting was held behind closed doors without benefit of stakeholder input or public comment. The mayor seems to have forgotten his promise of

Letter to the Editor

TCEQ and Funding

Dear Editor,If many of you will remember, about 6 months to a year ago, the TCEQ came into the area and supposedly, declared many dry ditches as a navigable streams and ordered dams removed from creeks. This is still a threat from the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers but recently, the house cut funding for much of the so called regulations, but don't think that the issue is dead, as there are

LUAS Meeting Announced for March 11

Join with us for our LUAS meeting for a presentation on "Rock Art Conservation Management and Stewardship in the Lower Pecos" by Jeremy Freeman, staff archeologist at Shumla Archeological Research & Education Center in Comstock, Texas where he has been involved in the Border Canyon Lands Archeological Project (BCAP). The Lower Pecos Canyonlands of southwest Texas retain hundreds of rock art

Changes for Medicare Recipients

Medicare consumers with concerns about the medical care they received can contact KEPRO, the new Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organization (BFCC-QIO) for Texas, to obtain a free medical record review for discharge or quality of care concerns. KEPRO can help Medicare recipients with situations like these:I live in another city, but when my grandmother fell and broke her

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