Genealogy of the Ashes

It was time to pack it up or throw it away. We were moving from El Paso to Blanco and I was delving into the darkest most remote recesses of the garage in an attempt at separating the wheat from the chaff. In so doing, I came across a dusty plastic bag filled with what appeared to be ashes. I was puzzled at first. Why would anyone stow a bag of ashes in a corner of the garage? What possible

Commanche Moon Rises Sunday

My friend, Sandy, and I get great fun out of being the first to text the other whenever we first glimpse a "Comanche Moon." That's when the full moon rises out of the eastern horizon just after sunset, catching the rays of the sitting sun, and painting it a deep orange color. It is said the Comanche warriors of old liked to make their raids into Texas and Mexico by the light of this full moon,

Birth Announcement

Ryker Smith PadgettKnox Padgett announces the birth of this little brother, Ryker Smith Padgett.He was born August 23, 2015 at Seton Hospital in Austin, Texas weighing 8 lbs and 2 oz and 20 inches long.Ryker is also welcomed by his parents Patrick and Shelee (Granberg) Padgett and grandparents Perry and Jan Wagner and Paul and Lisa Granberg.

Mayor's Update #2

Through this continuing series of Updates, I hope to keep the citizens of Blanco informed about what is going on to develop a better City. I hope these Updates will be both informative and challenging, spurring increased citizen involvement the affairs of the City and in the planning for its future. The City Government must provide a wide range of services in an efficient, cost effective manner

Library Receives Grant

The Blanco Library is honored to announce that at this month’s Blanco County South Library District board meeting, it was approved to accept a contract for a $33,100 cooperative grant project between the library and the Community English Classes (CEC) Program. This project is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Texas State Library and Archives...

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Twin Sisters Plans to “Raise the Roof”

Twin Sisters Historic Dance Hall was built in the 1870's by Max Krueger who came from Germany. The historic hall served the community as a community dance hall where families shared food amd stories as families danced the night away. It was a place of community gatherings for good times as well as the bad times. Max Krueger states from his book," A great many young pistol-toters and bullies

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  • October 31
    - Comfort
    Harvest Moon is a fall harvest and Halloween celebration featuring craft and food vendors, children...