Captain Bob and the Rescuers

For two decades, Bob Salter rode the airwaves as a high-flying San Antonio TV news anchorman. Now the articulate and handsome 61-year-old, who looks as if he's still up to the task of delivering the news with ease, flies high to deliver people in distress to life-saving places....

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Ponty Bone

Ponty Bone looks almost shy, his eyes tilted a little downward and his voice is so soft you almost can't hear it. Then he picks up his accordion and his head lifts high and he pulls a wide, very happy, grin across his face. Ask him a question now and that voice is clear and strong and happy. He needs that accordion....

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Arnosky Family Farms

More blooms and a bakery coming to the Blue Barn

The temperature hovers around a brisk 40 degrees on an overcast March afternoon. But Pamela Arnosky, who farms full time with her family on their Blanco County land, pays no mind. She's got buckets of fresh ranunculus to grade and band into bunches....

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Karen Abrahams

Feeling the Music

Call her music Americana roots—some blues, some psychedelic rock, some bluegrass, some swing, some country. Whatever it is, it's always a beautiful toe-tapping melody....

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Gems of the Hill Country: On the Cutting Edge

Gems of the Hill Country, Lapidaries and Jewelers, is owned by husband and wife team Brad Hodges and B. Diane Eames, and is located in Ingram on Hwy 39, just west of Kerrville. Gems of the Hill Country is on the right, just as you enter the historic Old Ingram Loop, where a quaint collection of artisans' shops and boutiques line the street....

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Coach Bear Bryant's "Junction Boys"

At the 60th Anniversary Celebration

In 1954, when Paul "Bear" Bryant, the new football coach at what was then called A&M College, conducted his pre-season football training camp at the school's adjunct in Junction, he couldn't have known that a great legend would be born. Joining Texas A&M's Twelfth Man legacy, the story of Bryant's "boys of Junction" has endured for generations, fueling the spirit not only of past, present and...

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