Karen Abrahams

Feeling the Music

Call her music Americana roots—some blues, some psychedelic rock, some bluegrass, some swing, some country. Whatever it is, it's always a beautiful toe-tapping melody....

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Gems of the Hill Country: On the Cutting Edge

Gems of the Hill Country, Lapidaries and Jewelers, is owned by husband and wife team Brad Hodges and B. Diane Eames, and is located in Ingram on Hwy 39, just west of Kerrville. Gems of the Hill Country is on the right, just as you enter the historic Old Ingram Loop, where a quaint collection of artisans' shops and boutiques line the street....

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Coach Bear Bryant's "Junction Boys"

At the 60th Anniversary Celebration

In 1954, when Paul "Bear" Bryant, the new football coach at what was then called A&M College, conducted his pre-season football training camp at the school's adjunct in Junction, he couldn't have known that a great legend would be born. Joining Texas A&M's Twelfth Man legacy, the story of Bryant's "boys of Junction" has endured for generations, fueling the spirit not only of past, present and...

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Picture Perfect

The ART of Capturing Beauty

The name of Elma Flores' business in Wimberley is The ART of Photography, and it's the truth. The work she does before, during, and after taking pictures is magically artistic....

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1100 Plus One Equals an English Lesson

MARBLE FALLS—The game, although it had to be won for the historic moment to be reached, was actually on the undercard. There was symmetry in that each moment of the action and halftime equaled a year in the incomparable coaching career of Jerry English....

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