Grape Stomping Fun In the Texas Hill Country

Hey Girlfriends! Who hasn't always wanted to participate in an old fashioned grape stomp just like Lucille Ball in her Italian adventure?! Well, maybe without the grape slinging fight, ruined clothes, and purple hair ...or well, who knows?!...

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Veldhuizen Cheese Made By Hand, Blessed By God

Hey Girlfriends! If you were to have a glass of wine at 4.0 Cellars in Fredericksburg, you might be tempted to have a slice of Texas-made, European-style Veldhuizen Cheese along with it! This cheese is definitely "Made by Hand and Blessed by God" as the label claims. And now that I'm hooked on the incredible flavor, I feel blessed to have Veldhuizen Cheeses available at 4.0 Cellars here in the...

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If you go to Round Top, you must stop at Royer’s Café. Family-run since its beginning in 1987, Royer’s is legendary for its eclectic menu, eclectic décor, and—oh, my—its pies....

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Making the Cut

In more than four decades of working with wood, Lewis Lamar Lackey has clearly proven he can make the cut.He's incredibly skilled at muscling around big, bulky logs and whittling them down to size, transforming the tree trunks into planks or cross sections that ultimately become functional furniture or construction components. And he relies a great deal on 19th-century "technology" to do so.When...

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