Have Goat? Make Soap!

Turning Goat's Milk into Sudsy Bars

For generations, the Kuebel family has called Blanco County home. Their 60-acre farm, located just about four miles west of Blanco, is home to four generations, all of whom work together tending to the variety of livestock and pets that share the land that overlooks the Blanco River.Like a lot of Hill Country farms, the Kuebels raise goats. Decades ago, Fritz Keubel, Sr. and his son, Fritz, Jr.,


I have been blessed to hunt in the hill country my entire life.  I was born in San Saba County in the late sixties and have hunted here ever since.  I loved it so much in fact, I have turned my avocation into my vocation. So I now get to hunt worldwide, but there is no place else like home....

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First Hunt

"Tuck the stock in tight to your shoulder, move your head forward until you have a good sight picture with no black around the edges. Take a deep breath, let half of it out, hold the rest, and slowly squeeze the trigger, while keeping the crosshairs steady where you want the bullet to go."My son's best friend, Mason, was sitting at my sighting-in table, his lanky frame folded up like a pretzel,

Behind the Music: Songwriters Featured in New Music Festival

What makes a singer great? Is it the tone of their voice, or the way they swing their hips?Most times, it's a song.A song can take an unknown and send them straight to the top of the charts.In celebration of those guys and gals who pen the words to those songs, Jim Halfpenny, Laurie Halfpenny and Dave Niemeyer have organized the 2015 Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival.For the second year,...

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Time To Go Nuts

John Taylor believes anytime is a good time to go nuts....

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Time To Go Nuts

John Taylor believes anytime is a good time to go nuts.In today's "ready-to-eat society," as he describes it, those morsels courtesy of Mother Nature are portable, delicious and, best of all, nutritious, says the CEO of Texas Star Nut and Food Co., one of the nation's largest providers of snacking nuts, baking nuts, dried fruit, trail mixes, seeds and confections such as dark-chocolate