Llano Police Department Moving to a New Building

The Llano Police Department is moving. No, not out of the city – into the city.Currently, the PD is housed in the old golf course clubhouse In Robinson Park. Eight years ago, the City of Llano moved the PD out of the top floor offices at City Hall into "temporary" digs at the park. Now the city has purchased the building that until recently officed the Hutto-Dalchau Insurance Agency. "It's right

Dredging Behind Schedule, City to Monitor Progress

City Manager Brenton Lewis reported to City Council that dredging of the Llano River at Badu Park is 'not progressing as quickly as it should.' A representative from Chanas Aggregates, the company hired by the City to perform the dredging was not in attendance at the Monday, March 2 meeting.Lewis said that weather conditions had made dredging difficult. He told Council that he would begin meeting

Festival Stacking Up to Be a Good Time

Why are all those tourists coming to Llano in the middle of March? Not for mudbugs or Barbecue and BlueBell, it's too soon for that.They're coming for The First Llano Earth Art Fest, March 13, 14, and 15, at Grenwelge Park."Last August we thought we'd get 200 to 500 people interested in stacking rocks and art from natural media," commented Ron Anderson. "Now we expect 1500 to 2000." Last week the

At the Table Event Encourages Family Time

FCCLA hosted @The Table Event on Feb. 10, serving about 100 people. The room was filled with fun family conversation. FCCLA members placed conversation starters on the tables to encourage positive family fun. We know there are so many benefits to eating together as a family & we encourage others do so. Texas FCCLA has set a goal to get 7,000 pledges of family meals by April. If you are encouraged

Turf and Track Bids Go Out

School Calendar Approved by LISD Board

Dean Sharp, consultant and de facto project manager for the Llano ISD bond projects, said that the turf and track elements of the football field renovation had been "separated out" for the purposes of contractor bidding.At the February 16 meeting of the Llano ISD School Board Trustees, Sharp explained that this move would provide a "clearer bidding environment." Only a few contractors work in

Super Two Projects Wrapping Up

Is it time to celebrate the end of construction delays while traveling east from Llano on Highway 71? Well, yes and no.There are some repairs still to be made and another"Super Two" project yet to come.I asked Kelli Reyna, TxDOT Public Information Officer for this district, about this stretch of road. Most of the signs have been taken down, but some are still up. Is the project over?"The signs

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