City Enters Into 10-Year Dredging Contract

On April 24, Mayor Mikel Virdell signed a 10-year contract with Collier Materials that will allow the company to provide 'maintenance' to the two Llano River lakes; Robinson Lake and Town Lake.City Council voted to allow negotiations, and authorized the mayor and city manager to enter into a contract with Collier Materials in the regularly called council meeting held April 6.The contract calls

Stubbs Denies Petition in Sewell vs. City of Llano

On February 23 of this year, Marc Sewell, citizen of Llano, filed a petition for Writ of Mandamus, calling for the voiding of a vote made by the Llano City Council on February 2. Sewell argues that the agenda violated the Texas Open Meetings Act because it did not specifically mention that a grant being applied for by the City would be used, in part, to 'overhaul the Comprehensive Plan' for the

Llano Hospital Will Not Close

Hill Country Region Chief Executive Director Eric Looper came to the regularly called City Council meeting on Monday, May 4, to update the public and the Council on future plans for the Llano Scott & White Hospital.Looper said that the new hospital, located in Burnet County near the intersection of Hwy 71 and Hwy 281, will open in August of this year.The opening of the new hospital does not mean

Storms Take Down Power Lines

Storms that rolled through the area on Sunday, April 26 and into the early morning hours on Monday, brought hail and tornadic winds to our neighbors north of Llano. Llano was spared the hail, however, high winds brought down several trees around town, including one that took a telephone pole and transformer with it.City of Llano Public Works Director Eugene Long reported that at least three trees

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