Getting to Know Nature:

Nature Quest Offers Educational Look at Hill Country

Learn all about nature in the Hill Country, up close and personal, during the 16th annual Nature Quest this April....

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Discovering Small Towns

Luling and Gonzales Big on History

Small towns in Texas find ways to go from just a spot along the road on the way to someplace else to a distinctive stop along that road....

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Social Market Places

From Mercado Central to Texas Hill Country Farmers Markets

When I was a little girl growing up in Central America, I loved going to the Mercado. I was blessed to have a Costa Rican mom and an American dad, which resulted in spending the wonder-filled days of my childhood in Costa Rica. We lived in the capital city of San Jose and its Mercado Central is huge, taking up a full city block. As a child I still remember the many colors of the fruits,...

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Drought’s End

It was a hot afternoon this past July and you could feel the sun beating down, as relentless and burning as a Biblical plague. The grey-bearded old man found the shady spot he was looking for, then slowly began preparing his rig.  It took longer than normal because it had been years since he’d been able to fish this spot.  ...

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Celebrating Scottish Heritage and Celtic History

The stirring sound of Highland Bagpipes announced the opening of Highland Games.  Members of Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums marched to the stage with precision, pipers piping and drummers drumming.  It was a cool misty November day, shrouded in low, gray clouds and as the beautiful notes of the bagpipes rang out, it seemed as if you were in the midst of the Scottish countryside, breathing in the...

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