In My Opinion...Not Patient Enough to Be a Good Patient

On Monday, I started feeling the effects of a stomach bug that I picked up over the weekend. It's unusual for me to succumb to any type of bug, and after yesterday, I now remember why it's really not a good thing for me to be sick....

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What Price for Security??? - Paying For Law Enforcement

The City of Mason and Mason County, in a cost cutting move several years ago, eliminated the City's police department, and signed an interlocal agreement with the County to help pay the County for providing law enforcement for the city residents. In theory, this is a completely workable arrangement. However, cracks have been appearing in the agreement during the last couple of years, culminating...

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In My Opinion

Things To Remember When It Finally Rains Again

Parts of Texas have now recovered from the lingering drought that has affected almost the entire state. For the most part, even with rains in early summer, the rest of us are still coping with drought on a daily basis....

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