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Come see our new foyer display! We’re featuring the jigsaw puzzles that our patrons have completed. Several months ago we put out our first puzzle, and since it was such a success, we’ve continued to keep one out. I love puzzles myself and have been known to come in a few minutes early or stay a few minutes late to try my hand. We’ve worked a variety of scenes ranging from 500-piece to 1000 piece

Down The Drain With Jane

“We grow, too soon old and, too late smart!” Boy, doesn’t this fit the bill?! You would think one would learn by their mistakes. However, I for one, doesn’t heed my own advice. I’ll get into an argument knowing well that I’ll never win. Especially, when arguing with someone who’s one taco short of a full Mexican plate. I didn’t realize that some folks are either just stupid or at least give me

Bits of Art

This was another good week. We had a little rain, some had more than others. All rain is appreciated.Our son Scott, his wife Crystal, and daughter Megan came over to take my husband John fishing. John loves to go fishing and was very excited. I am not a fishing person. I enjoyed a day off and cooked the fish when they returned. It was a great day for all.On the calendar at the Art United

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