Patrol Initative Contines by HSB Police Department

Two additional arrests have been made since last week's release of the Horseshoe Bay Police enhanced patrol initiative.On 1/19/15, a Horseshoe Bay Police officer stopped to investigate a suspicious vehicle in a suspicious location. The 52 year old driver, John Griffin of Kingsland, Texas, was found to be in possession of drug smoking devices. Griffin was arrested and charged with misdemeanor

Save Water and Money

Controlling your controller

Nothing causes eye-popping water bills like unintended irrigation controller settings. Take the case of a modest, single family property examined under the City of Horseshoe Bay's landscape irrigation audit program in October.Flow measurements and a check of the irrigation controller timing on the home's irrigation system showed it set to use water at a monthly rate of 32,000 gallons, a volume

St. Paul’s and HSB Welcome Paulist Dignitary

Fr. Eric Andrews, C.S.P., newly elected president of the Paulist Fathers, was honored at a community-wide reception Tuesday at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Horseshoe Bay. In addition to parishioners, Horseshoe Bay Mayor Steve Jordan joined a number of other representatives from both the City of Horseshoe Bay and the Protestant congregation at The Church of Horseshoe Bay to welcome Fr....

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Three Tenors Performing For Valentine’s Program

A Valentine's weekend concert featuring Gli Unici – The Tenors will be presented here Sunday, Feb. 15, as the fifth monthly program of the Fredericksburg Music Club's 2014-2015 Concert Series.The 3 p.m. appearance by San Antonio Opera vocalists Donald Braswell, Timothy Birt and William Chapman, who have performed across the U.S. and Mexico since their group was formed in 2009, will feature a

What’s new at the Horseshoe Bay POA January 2015?

NEW ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY FOR THE HORSESHOE BAY POAPlease welcome Kathy Pomeroy as the new Administrative Secretary for the Horseshoe Bay POA. Kathy joins our team with a great deal of experience having worked as a Legal Secretary/Paralegal and Administrative Assistant for many years. She originally hails from Wisconsin but has lived in Horseshoe Bay for several years.ANNUAL MEETINGSMark your

  Out of this World: “Zombies from The Beyond” - A Musical Comedy  

The Sky’s the Limit for the Hill Country Community Theatre

A bevy of flying saucers from Planet X has appeared over the skies of Beertown, led by alien aviatrix, Queen Zombina, on a quest to "zombify" and abduct all of Earth's men! The Milwaukee Space Center and the US military are prepared to meet the foes head on, until Zombina unleashes her secret weapon. It's up to a mild-mannered scientist, an all-American girl-next-door, a man-hungry secretary and

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