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Birth of Hope Baptist Mission Church

Dear Editor,The Birth of Hope Baptist Mission Church, needs your help!!We are an SBTC church plant located in the city of Cottonwood Shores and part of the Burnet-Llano Baptist Association. There are 1400 people in Cottonwood Shores and numerous others in the small surrounding area that do not have the means to travel outside their area for spiritual or physical assistance. Our goal is to reach

Saving Daylight

Dear Editor,The first attempt at Daylight Savings Time was on April 30 1916 (War Effort) during WW 1 promoted by Germany and Austria. This was to save on utilities that was needed for the war. This was a reason used by President Roosevelt in 1942 during WW II. The current DST was passed in 1966 and called the Uniform Time Act.Today, this act no longer shows that there are negligible energy

Volunteer Value

Dear Editor:I am pleased to present – on behalf of the members of the Highland Lakes Master Naturalist (HLMN) chapter – our 2014 Report to the residents of the Highland Lakes communities. Specifically, I want to highlight what I call our Volunteer Value.During the past year, the HLMN's 140-plus members contributed 16,756 volunteer hours for a Volunteer Value of $368,632 to help improve the

Financial Preparations for Spouse

Can Brighten Every Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is almost here. And while it's certainly fun to give and receive chocolates and roses, why not go a little deeper this year? Specifically, if you are married, consider using this commemoration of love as a starting point for taking care of your spouse in the future — even if you're not part of it.Actually, both you and your spouse could designate Valentine's Day as the beginning

Rabid Fox

Dear Editor,Last Saturday morning was raining and at Noon, we decided to drive to a restaurant. My son opened the garage door and called to me. " Dad, there is a fox sitting here." I opened the front door and there it was right in front of our door. The fox was sitting there in the street, not moving. It looked to be in good condition. A full coat, gray and no hair missing. It sat without a move

The Hardest Shot in Golf

No, it isn't a long bunker shot 30 feet from the green. Nope, it isn't a knock-down shot into a 25 mph crosswind. Buried lie in the lip of a soft bunker? (Sound of a buzzer!) None of these hold a candle to the next shot after a shank. For you non-golfing types, you may think I am speaking of 1) a cut of meat, 2) the wound thread between the button of your coat and the cloth, 3) the handle on a

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